Teams in Recess

Kick it to Goodes (in recess)

2300 Club inaugural class 2012
Quote, “Half this game is 90% mental”
Known for: Being one refresh away from playing off for the O’Houlihan trophy.
Feuding with Puffy Shirt, Close Talker, One Team Wonders, BRAMZ United
Bunny: Angry Penguin
Would like to be known for: “Being a good honest old fashioned ‘Utility'”
Predicted 2021 finish 8th – 16th

2300 Club

Outside the Clique (in recess)

Location: Parts unknown
OTC is an integral part of this competition and coaches his team from whatever world hotspot he is in at the time.
Known for: setting the bar just a tad to high in his first season but then again he did say, “When you enter a new playground you go up to the biggest boy in the yard and you dominate” in this case that biggest boy in the yard just happened to be HoF’r Jargan
Feuding with Jargan, BRAMZ United, No Passengers and Blackhats.
Coming off a crap year we expect him to excel should ‘operational tempo’ allow.
Bunny: No Passengers, Angry Penguin

Predicted 2020 finish 12th – 18th