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Perhaps the greatest Honour in our sport is being recognised by Historians as being the Best of the very Best. To that end being selected to the Oberon League Hall of Fame is one such honour which can only be bestowed at the end of year presentation, should there be a worthy nominee. Previous winners are located here


‘Take care of your balls lads, and they’ll take care of you.”…Patches O’Houlihan
The champion of the Oberon League receives the Patches O’Houlihan Cup which represents the very best of AFL Dreamteam / Fantasy performance and sportsmanship.”
Well, not so much Sportsmanship to be honest, you just need to win the most games and you pretty much win the lot
Previous winners may be found here


Not to be confused with the Canadian award of the same name. Awarded for courage and not given lightly. Well there was one time.

From the Archive 2018-
“Has there ever been a greater list of examples of courage to choose from in this category in the now 60 year history of this award. Audey Murphy would struggle to get into this final group for consideration. First, the little champion Ben Button AKA Kick it to Goodes, coaching with the most severe case of the Gout seen in this reporters memory, his sibling ‘Puffy Shirt’ coached two rounds from his hospital bed in what would have been a dead certain first place in previous years, The Angry Penguin missed 145 days at work for numerous reasons, of which he was never obliged to explain, but the winner goes to The Gold for working with an un-diagnosed, for a time, broken hand, left hand admittedly, but still above and beyond. When Smooth Wayne Pollock announced the winner you could hear a pin drop. Some have since said that Smooth Wayne Pollock should have waited until interval was over and people had returned to their seats. “
Current Holder ‘Puffy Shirt’.


The award dedicated to the recognition that no matter what natural ability one has that there is still a far greater ‘God Given’ ability necessary for success. Heart , the ability to fight for every point, regardless of the importance of the match, a certain hatred for losing, one might say fear? What made Ernest Shackleton go on when all seemed lost? DESMOND DOSS at heartbreak ridge went back time and time agin to save 75 comrades, what made Leo Barry close his eyes and leap into the stratosphere in 2005?. Unfortunately this award celebrates the exact opposite of this gift, it is for the rest of us, those that take the path of least resistance, that would rather throw a match in order to get home for the next episode of Game of Thrones, just one more scone, you know the one, Last year the award went to The Angry Penguin, no surprise here. A noted flat track bully loses when he should win, If he can’t be 9th then just doesn’t care.​​​



This is probably the most prestigious award of the night for those that really had no hope of winning an ability based award. Named after Foundation coach, and multiple HoF nominee,  Ash Kopania. This award goes to the coach who , like Wilton Palmenter, snatches defeat from the Jaws of victory by a decision made in the coaches box. 2018 Club foundation member Kick it to Goodes won last year when he scored 1257 points against ‘Still Better than Wayne’ in a match which could have propelled him into finals in the top 8.
Congratulations KITG


Named after former South American Captain Nelson Mandela, this award is presented to the coach who has done the most to further the traditions of the Oberon League which is best described as “Winners are Grinners”. Traditionally this is a lady’s award which ticks all the boxes  under the Public Service Act


Couldn’t be called the Ashley Kopania Dummy Spit because he already has an award. Name says it all really, if you don’t want to win it then stay out of the coaches box on a Saturday. Currently held by the Close Talker


Probably the most meaningless trophy in world professional sports. Currently held by Angry Penguin

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